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25 April 2017

Check out the exciting sessions, side events, co-events, and forums we have in store this year! Interactive and thought-provoking discussions will be led with expert speakers from local governments, private sector, researchers, innovators, non-governmental organizations and United Nations agencies. 

Click here to download and get ready for the upcoming Resilient Cities 2017 congress.

Congress highlights - Plan your participation!

21 April 2017

Resilient Cities 2017 is almost here! The 8th edition of the congress series will serve as a platform for knowledge exchange amongst representatives from over 50 local governments, partners, and key stakeholders on how to achieve integrated urban resilience strategies. The program will feature local examples, case studies, and project showcases documenting good practices and lessons learned; interactive sharing of relevant tools, research, and resources; and consultation with national and international partners on new initiatives and directions.

Participants can choose from over 45 sessions and co-events including 2 thematic forums which comprise a rich and diverse three-day program. Browse our website and check out the highlights below and in our Special Congress Edition Newsletter to learn more and plan your participation!

Themes to follow at the congress

21 April 2017

Financing Resilient, Sustainable urban development. Learn about Project Preparation Facilities and infrastructure assessment tools which aim to help cities design and fund sustainable, resilient urban development with Session A5, Workshop B5, and the CCFLA Co-Event.

Governance and Planning. Partnerships and politics - learn how to foster collaboration amongst departments, cities, and all levels of government to advance local and global goals with  Session A1, Session A4, Session C1, Session  C2, Session C3, and Session E2.

Data collection and analysis. Inclusive, standardized, diverse - learn about new data tools and methods for informed resilience planning and investment with Session D2, Session E1, and Session H2.

Managing Health and Disaster risks. Disease, earthquakes, floods, sea level rise – be prepared with Session A3, Session B4, Session F2, and Session I1.

Inclusive resilience with Marginalized and Displaced populations. Learn how cities are working to ensure a resilient city for all including refugees, IDPs, and the urban poor with Session D1, Session F3, Session G2, Session H3, and Session I4.

Resilient and Resource Efficient. Nature-based, low-carbon, waste-water-energy efficient – learn how to work with nature to create more sustainable, livable buildings and urban environments with session B2, Workshop B3, Session E4, Session I3 and the UN Environment Co-Event

Researcher-Practitioner collaboration. A cross-cutting theme which will be given special attention in session A2, Reality Check Workshop F1, Session E3, and Session I2.

Cities in Focus

21 April 2017

Don’t miss these special in-depth sessions showing how different cities have approached common adaptation and resilience challenges:

Copenhagen: B1 - Reality Check: Cloudburst Plan: 5 years, 300 projects later

Quito: D4 - Reality Check: Ecomobile, Eco-efficient, Food Secure

Accra: F1 - Reality Check: Integrated Flood Management

Oslo: G3: Climate change and Storm water management

Nordic Cities: D3: Winning ideas for resilient urban development