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Resilient Cities 2017 Call for Contributions - 1 October to 10 December 2016 [CLOSED]

We will announce the outcomes of the submissions in February 2017

Submission guidelines for contributions

Please read the guidelines below before preparing and submitting your contribution. We recommend contributors to prepare their submission offline in advance before submitting through the online form.

Step One: Create an account

Contributors may submit more than one contribution in total; however a maximum of two contributions will be accepted for shaping the program of Resilient Cities 2017.

Users need to create an account. 

Creating an account allows you to save your details and complete or change them later before finally submitting the contribution to the program committee. While working on a draft, please save periodically to avoid losing your changes after a period of inactivity.  It is also necessary to save your changes before leaving the submission page. It is not necessary to log out. 

A user may draft and submit more than one submission under a single account. Note that contributions saved in a user account will not be submitted or reviewed until the final submit button is clicked.  Users may submit for themselves or on behalf of another contributor. 


Step Two: Fill in your contact details

Users may submit for themselves or on behalf of another contributor.

When filling in the form, all fields marked with a star (*) are mandatory.

Accepted speakers are eligible for the reduced registration fee. As speakers you will be provided with a special code which will allow you to register directly (no pre-registration is required) with a reduced fee. Therefore, please wait until you receive an email with your code from the congress team before registering online. Please note that you can submit the names of up to two contributors. If your contribution is selected, primary and second contributors will be invited to speak at the congress (Note: the second contributor is a second speaker for the same contribution).

Contact details are required for all contributors and the person filling out the form (if different from the primary contributor). All persons listed in this first step will receive a copy of the contribution once it is submitted to the email addresses provided.

In the case of panels, workshops, training, Reality Check Workshops, and facilitated discussions, you will be able to add the names of additional speakers (please limit yourself to up to five persons), plus one facilitator in the next step. The list of speakers and the facilitator can be updated /completed at a later stage in the selection process.

Please do not write in all capital letters. Only the first letter of each sentence or proper nouns should be capitalized.



Correct: Senior Manager for Climate Change



Please take into account the character limit for your job title, as it will appear on your attendant's badge at the congress. 


Step Three: Contribution details

Select the type of contribution you want to submit. You will be given the choice between: presentation, panel, workshop, Reality Check Workshop, training, facilitated discussion, poster, co-event, or other formats. Check out the full list with short descriptions of each format here.

You will also be asked to categorize your contribution within one of the congress themes and subthemes. Please download and review the full list of themes and subthemes here to ensure your contribution is correctly categorized.

Contributors will be asked to complete the following details for all formats:

  • Title
  • A summary of maximum 100 words or 600 characters
  • A description of maximum 1000 words or 6000 characters
  • Expected outcomes, or what the audience will take away from your contribution, of maximum 75 words or 500 characters
  • Keywords
  • Remarks (optional)

For panels, workshops, Reality Check Workshops, trainings, and facilitated discussion sessions, additional information will be required including:

  • The name of the (proposed) facilitator
  • Speakers names (at least one speaker, even if “tbc”)
  • A methodology describing how the time will be used of maximum 150 words (90 minutes for all sessions).
  • Guiding questions to direct the panel discussions so as to achieve the session outcomes (only panels)

If your contribution is selected, primary and secondary (if applicable) contributors will be invited to speak at the congress. Therefore, please ensure your availability on the dates of the congress before submitting.  The congress is scheduled for 4 – 6 May  2017.


Confirmation of submission

Before clicking on “Submit”, please make sure that all information provided is correct. Once you are satisfied with your contribution, please click on “Submit”. Once you have submitted your contribution, but not before, it will be sent to the program committee for review.

Once you have clicked on “Submit”, you will be redirected to a thank you page. In addition, you will receive an email to the indicated email address confirming that your contribution has been forwarded to the Program Team. After this step, you will NOT be able to make any changes to your submission (in case you still want to do so, contact resilient.cities(at)

In case you submitted a contribution on behalf of someone else and/or if you added a second contributor, he/they will also receive a confirmation message. However, we would ask you to have these additional persons informed about the submission.


Timeline of the Call for Contributions

The call for contributions for the 2017 Resilient Cities conference is now closed! 

Submissions will be submitted for review by the program committee.

Contributors will receive notification regarding the outcomes of their submission in February 2017.


Copyright and publication

Contributors accept that through submitting their information to the Resilient Cities 2017 Call for Contributions they assign to ICLEI a non-exclusive copyright license for these documents. This includes the right by ICLEI to distribute the documents, or parts thereof, via congress materials, including the program booklet and session descriptions, as well as digitally through the ICLEI website. Accepted contributions shall be presented by their author(s) at the congress.


For more information

Should you have any questions regarding the call for contribution process, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by sending us an email (resilient.cities(at) or calling the Congress  Secretariat: +49–(0)228 / 976 299-28.

Please note: If accepted as speakers at Resilient Cities 2017, contributors are required to pay a reduced speakers’ fee. The fees for Resilient Cities 2017 will be announced once the registration period is open. For your reference, please check the fees for Resilient Cities 2016 here.

If you are a contributor from a developing country and you are not able to match the registration fee, please contact us.

Please note: Contributions can only be submitted online! Abstracts in Word/PDF formats sent by email will NOT be considered for selection.