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B1 - Adaptation on the ground in Copenhagen, Denmark

Session Description

Facilitator: Lykke Leonardsen, Program Director, City of Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Lykke Leonardsen, Program Director, City of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Christian Nyerup Nielsen, Director, Climate Adaptation, Rambøll, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Arne Bent Hasling, Senior Project Manager, cowi, Lyngby, Denmark

Organized by: City of Copenhagen

The workshop will present how the city has continued its adaptation work since 2012 where we presented the first Reality Check Workshop.

Since 2012 the city has developed an ambitious Cloudburst Management Plan – the first city wide plan to control a 100 year storm that has been developed since 2012 and was approved in 2015. The plan will implement 300 projects over the next 20 years at a price of 1.5 billion euro. A key issue of the plan is the close integration with urban development and urban nature – making the plan not only a plan to manage large amounts of storm water, but also a plan that will transform the city.

The main headlines of the workshop are:

  • Introduction to climate change adaptation in Copenhagen
  • The cloudburst management plan, development and implementation
  • Political process – and implementation process
  • Co—benefits and urban nature

And in 2016 the city started working on a storm surge plan that addresses the increasing risk for a storm surge that could inflict severe damage on the city as recent studies have shown.

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