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B4 - Effective integrated disaster and climate resilience approaches - lessons from cities

Session Description

Facilitator: Steve Gawler, Regional Director, ICLEI Oceania, Melbourne, Australia


  • Adaptive Bologna 2.0: Flood-proofing Bologna by 2025 through the LIFE RainBO project 
    Raffaella GuĂȘze, Sustainability Officer, Municipality of Bologna, Italy; and
    Giovanni Fini, Coordinator, Environmental Quality Unit, Municipality of Bologna, Italy
  • Breaking the disaster cycle: Putting people in the lead in resilient recovery
    Sanne Vermeulen, Advocacy Expert Resilience, Cordaid, The Hague, the Netherlands;
    Harma Rademaker, Program Manager Resilience, Cordaid, The Hague, the Netherlands; and 
    Recti Melquiades, Secretary to Legislative Council; Coordinator Guiuan Recovery and Sustainable Development Group, Municipality of Guiuan, the Philippines
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Planning and mainstreaming coastal community resilience
    Arief Gunawan, Environmental Expert, City Government of Banda Aceh, Indonesia
  • Tanjung Pinang's path to a Climate Resilience Strategy
    Heni Ariputranti, Head of Infrastructure and Regional Development Division, Tanjung Pinang City, Indonesia

Organized by: ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability

As urban areas increasingly expand in size and population they tend to intensify disaster risk and exacerbate climate change impacts for urban dwellers. The complexity and interconnectedness of city functions requires an integrated approach that simultaneously tackles various factors influencing community vulnerability. This session will demonstrate how through integrating Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) strategies; linking disaster risk reduction, response and reconstruction; and employing a community-based approach cities effectively manage risk and build long-term urban resilience. 

The session will open with a presentation from the City of Dangjin, Republic of Korea, which has linked its adaptation planning to ongoing activities related to Disaster Management, Health, Water and Ecosystems protection and coordinated with the corresponding departments to develop its Climate Adaptation Strategy. Following this, the City of Bologna, Italy will introduce the new LIFE RainBO project, which aims to utilize innovative tools and early warning systems designed to help the city efficiently respond to flood risk in the future. Next, a combined presentation from Cordaid and the Municipality of Guiuan, Philippines will show what makes an integrated recovery approach successful. Responding to this, the experiences of the City of Banda Aceh, Indonesia in the context of disaster recovery will shed light on the realities of implementing effective coastal protection systems. Last, the City of Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia will introduce its integrated approach in designing a Climate Resilience Strategy.