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F2 - Health system resilience and mitigation as an urban climate strategy

Session Description

Facilitator: Josh Karliner, International Director, Health Care Without Harm, Reston, USA


  •  Jonas Schwartzman, Environmental Engineer, Instituições Afiliadas SPDM, Paulista Association for Medicine Development, São Paulo, Brazil
  •  Mzukisi Gwata, Principal Specialist, Climate Change Adaptation, Johannesburg, South Africa (tbc)
  • Timothy Bouley, Health and Climate Specialist, The World Bank Group (tbc)
  • Rojina Manandhar, Programme Officer, Adaptation Programme, UNFCCC, Bonn, Germany (tbc)
  • Men- Yen Li, Secretary-General, Tainan City Government, Chinese Taipei (tbc)

Organized by: Health Care Without Harm

Hospitals and health systems are central elements of every city's infrastructure, governance structure and social fabric. They therefore have a central role to play in addressing climate change. The panel will explore how health systems need to be on the front lines of climate preparedness--adapting to the shifting burden of disease while preparing for extreme weather events and crises of scarcity such as water; how they can also be anchors of resilience and mitigation in urban communities, modeling climate smart, low carbon development; and how, as the most trusted messengers in many societies, health professionals can also communicate climate risk and solutions to the general public. Panelists will provide examples of how major urban health systems from around the world are building climate resiliency through a series of strategies designed to retool infrastructure so that hospitals are the last buildings standing in an extreme weather event, and leading beacons of the low carbon economy.