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How to access the venue

Located near the airports of Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, Bonn can easily be reached by shuttle bus from Cologne/Bonn, or by direct train connection from all three. Additionally, Bonn, or nearby Cologne, are connected by train to most major German and European cities. If arriving by car, Bonn is easily accessible from all directions through the German highway system. 

Travel to, from, and within Bonn from GSI

From Cologne/Bonn airport: The closest international airport to Bonn is Cologne-Bonn Airport. From Cologne-Bonn Airport, take bus number SB60, which connects to downtown Bonn in 30 minutes, and exit at Bonn Hauptbahnhof (central station). The bus timetable can be found here. Please note that the schedule of buses is different for weekdays ("Montags-Freitags"), Saturdays ("Samstags") and Sundays/public holidays ("Sonn- und Feiertags"). The ticket costs around €8.00 and can be purchased at a vending machine or directly from the bus driver.

From Frankfurt Airport: From Frankfurt Airport, take the direct ICE train from Frankfurt Airport “Fernbahnhof” (long distance train station) to Siegburg-Bonn station. Direct trains from Frankfurt Airport (platform 6 or 7) depart two to three times per hour on most days. Travel time is about 38 to 57 minutes. The one-way ICE fare from Frankfurt Airport to Bonn Siegburg is about € 61.00. Tickets can be purchased from the Deutsche Bahn info counter, or from one of the red and grey ticket machines.

Alternatively, there are also direct trains from Frankfurt Airport to Bonn central station at :57 or :58 past the hour via Mainz, along the river Rhein. Travel time is longer (01h46min), but the price is lower and you can enjoy a beautiful view on the river valley!

For the schedules please check:

From Siegburg/Bonn train station: If you are arriving in Siegburg-Bonn from Frankfurt Airport, please make your way to the ground level to Tram 66 ‘Telekom Express.’ Take tram 66 towards ‘Bad Honnef’ or ‘Ramersdorf’, getting off at ‘Robert-Schumann Platz’ using the exit indicating ‘Kurt-Georg-Kiesinger-Allee’. Upon exiting, turn left onto Jean-Monet-Straße and take another left onto Heinemann-Straße. You will find GSI in ‘Langer Grabenweg’ located in the next side street to your right. The walk is approximately 6-8 minutes.

From Bonn central station: You can reach the congress venue, GSI, by tram from the Bonn central station (Hauptbahnhof) with tramlines 16 and 63 towards ‘Bad Godesberg’ (stop at ‘Max-Löbner-Str./Friesdorf) or with tramline 66 towards ‘Bad Honnef‘ or ‘Ramersdorf‘ (stop at Robert-Schuman-Platz) in approximately 15 minutes. Both tram stops are within a 10-minute walk from the congress venue. Trams run from as early as 5:00am until as late as 00:30am, on approximately 10-minute intervals.

For additional information on directions to the venue, please visit the GSI:

Please also consult the website for public transportation in Bonn, where you can find timetables, ticket prices, and network information.