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C1 - Urban resilience: Critical ingredient of National Adaptation Planning (NAP) process

Session Description

Facilitator: Julie Teng, Climate Change Adaptation Consultant UNDP-FAO "Integrating Agriculture into NAPs" Programme (NAP-Ag), Bangkok Regional Hub


  • Marcin Szpak, Managing Director of DS Consulting and former Deputy Mayor of the City of Gdansk
  • Ya-wen Lu, Division Chief of Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government
  • Rajkot Municipality representative (tbc)
  • Stelios Grafakos, Lead Climate Change and Sustainability specialist, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies – Erasmus University, Rotterdam
  • Christopher Kaczmarski, NAP Finance Expert, Global Environmental Finance Unit, UNDP, Bangkok Regional Hub

Organized by: UNDP

This session will outline the role of Cities in effective development of National Adaptation Plans leading to a discussion on national importance of vertical integration of climate change adaptation, sustainable financing through sub-national entities as well as steps to be undertaken, practical approaches and resources that may be made available to support this process. Panellists will outline rationale, challenges and opportunities behind the proposed approaches along with practical examples from UNDP’s global experience in NAP formulation leading to presentation of newly launched Regional Urban Climate Resilience Programme targeting cities climate change adaptation in Asia. The session will also explore opportunities for leveraging of available sources of funding with long-term financing and unlocking access to domestic capital markets in line with principles of good governance and national sustainability promoted under NAP process.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Showcase major gaps in identifying climate threats in cities: South East Asia case study
  • Outline key success ingredients to build urban climate resilience 
  • Convene a realistic step-by-step approach to building urban climate resilience: RUCRI (Regional Urban Climate Resilience Initiative)
  • Explore entry points for enhancing municipal finance for resilience programming 
  • Assess/discuss complementarities with international development partners in implementing the approach