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D3 - Nordic innovative solutions for building livable, smart and resilient cities

Session Description

Facilitator: Jan Riise, Manager for Engagement, Mistra Urban Futures, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden


Eyes of Runavík: Innovative and sustainable family homes, built with nature to promote quality of life
Tórbjørn Jacobsen, Mayor of Runavík, Faroe Islands; and
Sigrid J. Dalsgaard, Project Manager, Municipality of Runavík, Faroe Islands

Sege Park: A Nordic sustainable flagship project combining cost-efficient and climate-smart housing
Oscar Pelin, Project Manager, City of Malmö, Sweden

The Soul of Nørrebro: Integrated urban renewal as a strategy for social and climate resilience
Eva Christensen, Project Manager, City of Copenhagen, Denmark

Organized in cooperation with Nordic Innovation

Demographic changes in the Nordic Region are keeping pace with the global unprecedented urbanization trends of the 21st century (State of Nordic Region 2016).  Such demographic changes are compounded by increasing climate change impacts, resource scarcity and population growth and challenge Nordic cities' and regions' resilience and sustainability efforts. The Nordic Built Cities Challenge responded to the needs of the region by contributing to the development and scaling up of innovative solutions for livable, smart, resilient and sustainable cities.

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