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F1 - Integrated flood management for Accra, Ghana

Facilitator: Benjamin Delali Dovie, Senior Research Fellow, Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS), University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana                                                                                                                      Background to Reality Check


Organized in cooperation with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) 

The workshop will seek to analyze how urban managers are confronting the additional burden that climate change imposes on urban floods through increasing the intensity and frequency of precipitation, in coastal urban areas which are also confronted with coastal erosion and inundation.

The Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana (West Africa) floods annually for the past decade, leading to severe loss and damage including human lives, infrastructure, and economic investments. The additional exposure of GAMA to cross-border regional influences from mountainous regions is increasing surface runoff water in certain parts of GAMA, especially central Accra, and complicates flood management in the face of multiple stresses (e.g. poverty, slums).

Several interventions (local, national and at times international) to manage the flood situation in Accra and its adjoining areas that constitute the GAMA, unveils institutional gaps, duplication of efforts and limited resources amongst other factors that remain daunting challenges for adaptation.

Understanding that urban floods will rise in the face of climate change, this workshop provides the opportunity to examine the state, response, and gaps in multilevel governance of urban floods that could benefit resilience building in the urban space.  

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