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Co-event and reception: “Food for Thought” Imagining Sustainable Lifestyles

Session Description


Organized by: UN Environment


The Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015 set out a target to educate all learners on sustainable development and “sustainable lifestyles.” But what is a “sustainable lifestyle”? As part of its work to support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, UN Environment has developed a typology of lifestyles according to four areas (1) Food (2) Housing (3) Mobility and (4) Leisure and, in cooperation with champions from these four sectors, is leading a campaign to promote holistic messaging around how individuals can adopt “sustainable lifestyles.” 

This creative evening co-event will bring together our own “Resilient Cities champions” to explore how cities can engage with their communities and key stakeholders to raise awareness and encourage more sustainable lifestyles. After an introduction to the concepts and some inspiring examples, participants will be invited to brainstorm and pitch their own ideas on how can cities engage with their communities to encourage more sustainable lifestyles. Come join us for a fun and interactive evening with a selection of local, bio food and drinks.