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Resilient Cities - Bonn 2013 - Banner

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Urban Food Forum

In the past years, Resilient Urban Food Systems have been subject to several fora and sessions during the Resilient Cities Congress series. In response to demands for information, training, technical and policy advice by an increasing number of cities, ICLEI and RUAF Foundation launched the CITYFOOD network on resilient city-region food systems and urban agriculture. 

ICLEI and RUAF Foundation, with the technical support of FAO, gathered cities participating in the network, many of which Milan Urban Food Policy Pact signatories, to mark the operational start of the CITYFOOD network at Resilient Cities 2017. The congress offered a platform for cities to engage in technical sessions on building local food strategies towards sustainable and resilient food systems, implementing city region food system assessment and facilitating network exchange and cooperation mechanisms. 

The Forum hosted the following sessions:

Session F4: Resilient urban food systems and the international sustainable development agenda
This panel gathered city representatives and other key participants and speakers to (i) advocate for the importance of building resilient and sustainable city region food systems, (ii) discuss the transition towards sustainable city region food systems as a key factor of resilience for cities within the framework of the global development agenda and (iii) present the action plan of the ICLEI-RUAF CITYFOOD network.

Session G4: Tools and methods for city region food system assessment and planning
This session explored different tools, methodologies and approaches on city region food system assessment and planning to build local food strategies towards sustainability and resilience.

Session H4: City network exchange and cooperation mechanisms on urban food systems
This session showcased how different cooperation mechanisms and processes can be used to foster exchanges of good practices, experiences and knowledge on urban food systems between cities.